March 1, 2011

Look for Less: Couch Edition

I haven't noticed the Oasis at C&B until recently, when it caught my eye in the catalog spread. Very casual in comfy chic kinda way. Something I'd want to put in a sun room or in a shore house. Not that long ago, I got a chance to plop down on the Oasis in the store.

( It was awesome. I love couches that aren't mine)

Then I noticed the Landon sofa at Macy's:
The price comes in at $1,099, which is about 1k off the full retail price of the Oasis.

There are some differences I can spot right off the bat in the picture but you do have to go photo hunting for most of them...The one thing I'd want to make sure of is that the bottom cushions are as cushy and wonderful as the C&B version. They don't look as full in the photos, but photos can be a little deceiving.


  1. Shore house couch - yes. But our couches have those pillows and I HATE them. Too many pillows and I can never get them situated correctly so I can be comfortable.

  2. I like the feet on #2 v the C&B. But I have to
    agree with the previous comment that the pillows are a pain in the neck. I was sooo happy to get rid of our old couch with all it's darn pillows. I
    Just didn't love it like I thought I would.

  3. You've both reminded me that WAY BACK we once had a couch where the back cushions were pillow- and I hated it then! So thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Ditto on the back cushions. We've got something similar right now and I'm about to recover the couch. The first 'what do we want this to look like when I'm done' comment from each of us was "change the cushions" so they stop squishing down. They haven't worn well at all and are never quite right.