May 25, 2011

Skeeto Update

To follow up on my plea for mosquito advice here are the updates:

- a bat house is no beauno. Pete has put the ix-nay on that considering we back to woods with "natural" bat houses. It is true, we see plenty of bats playing in the evening air around our properties so no real need to attract more.

- fabric softener sheets= may help a bit. Last night I went out to work on my garden at dusk after work, and besides wearing leggings and high boots, I coated myself in Off and stuck fabric softener sheet around my person. One at the top of each boot and another in my ponytail. All bites received last night were on my lower back and upper thighs. I witnessed the bugs wanting (I could just tell they wanted to) to bite my knees and shins but ultimately steering clear of that area. No telling in how many sheets of fabric softener are needed for full body protection.

I'm wary of eating the raw garlic clove at day trick. Supposedly it makes you smell bad to mosquitoes, but I've tried it before for other health reasons and consuming raw garlic daily makes you smell bad in general. Garlic smell wafting outta your pores on the regular does not make you any friends. Unless you don't want friends. Then I highly recommend you swallow crushed raw garlic cloves with honey everyday before breakfast. Everyone will steer very clear, humans and bugs alike.


  1. we used to use one of these propane-powered dealies...
    they do work well.
    I have also heard that bats don't really feed on mosquiotoes to the point where it makes much of a difference.

  2. Totally unrelated, but did you see that gorgeous Chesterfield sofa for $1500 Fairfield County CT??? Looks to be in mint condition.

  3. Woohoo! Nice to know I have a thumb twin! I don't feel so alone--haha!

    And, about the 'squitos...I'm a magnet for them. I look like a bitten fool in the summertime!