January 30, 2012

Planning the yard. Not as fun as stomping it.

Over the weekend Pete and I sat down at our table with a copy of our house's survey, a pencil and a plastic ruler that one of us clearly stole from a grade school. We were on a mission to seriously talk and map out a master landscaping plan for the Wee House. After many years of loose conversation and general agreement, it was high time that we penciled a plan for the yard together. Something to serve as our guide through this everlasting renovation of the Wee property, and that encompassed both of our many ideas for the outside.

All in all, it was a well spent hour and a half. We measured, plotted, planned and dreamed our ideas right onto paper. I wouldn't call it fun. If anything it was just another reality check for how effing long this renovation is going to take us. But it was nice to get each other on the same page of our personal plans, you know, the ones that have since only existed in our respective brains or have only been verbalized in passing before this point.

We got the following plans ironed out:

- Driveway planning. Right now we have a mess of pebbles and sand forming something that maybe once resembled a driveway? Once the septic is done, we'll get right on getting something that doesn't look so... afterthoughtish put in.

- Good fences make for good neighbors. We think both sets of neighbors are great people and are beyond excited to live next to them someday. However, that does not mean I want to be all up in their business and vice versa when we're out in our yards. Right now we have an uber low fence and a retaining wall and I feel like time I spend in my yard means I'm on display for everyone to see. They've really seen enough of my muffin top to last them a lifetime.

- Privacy and noise reduction planting locations. Rather self explanatory in that I like privacy, hate noise and love plants.

- Patio location. It'll be off the dining room. Another total no-brainer.

- Fruit tree location. This one is totally all Eva and my crazy plan to turn the backyard into a wee farmette. I started with six fruit trees as my opening bid, but bargained down to four. Two apples trees and two peach in wide open back yard.

- Split rail fence location for the grapes. Apparently I think that because my grandparents successfully ran a vineyard that I must have some sort of genetic aptitude for farming and viticulture.

- Veggie Garden locations. Again, me and my crazy notions of backyard farming.

- Tree locations. We're big believers in planting for the next generation and are trying to put as many trees in as possible while still maintaining our sunny yard!

And to think, we only resorted to name calling once during this whole thing! Go us.

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  1. I'm glad you're back. Reading your blog galvanizes me into action in my own little abode. Not that my projects are anywhere *near* as ambitious as yours, but the motivation helps.