January 31, 2012

Muffin Problem, Solved!

Remember all the pissing and moaning about my muffin top last year?

I'm pretty happy to report that I have fixed the muffin top problem! All by buying a pair of $6 overalls off the clearance rack at Target. Overalls which, if I'm honest, give me an illusion of a spare tire, but I'll consider it to be the lesser of two body evils. Especially since the tire is imagined but the muffin top was oh so very real.

Everything designated "Work Clothes" got an honest assessment from me and I ended up piling up a ton of old clothes for donation. It felt pretty good to get rid of the old, tight clothes and just stick with a few essentials that I know fit me well and can do what I need out of them. For instance, my winter work jacket was a very warm, very old pink puffer jacket from the GAP. It was an XS and my arms stuck out of the sleeves like some sort of awkward 13yr old after a growth spurt (oh the memories!!) and once I zipped up the jacket over my many layers, I could barely move. Usually I'd end up abandoning the jacket while working in favor of movement.

Did I mention my new work "jacket" is a men's fleece lined flannel shirt? I look so 1994. And a little bit like a lumberjack.


  1. I love my Dickies jump suit... the best thing ever!

  2. Where did you go?!! Seriously - I just started round two of refinishing wood trim in my kitchen and I need to know I'm not the only one getting dirty and thinking 'hmmm, this stain is going to make me look like I killed someone at work on Monday'.

    (fka 'Nota' in comments)