December 8, 2010

House of (Holiday) Cards

From: Eva
To: Peter
Christmas card?

From: Peter

That is really funny. I like the hat. I don’t need to be in the Christmas card anyway. Leave it solely up to the Jewish girl :)

From: Eva

I figured that you could be on the inside of the card. Maybe even the back!
And it is not my fault you didn’t want a picture with the hippo at south of the border!

What about this one?


Maybe we should take a picture with the garage? Since that is really our baby this year?

From: Peter
Are you really thinking about getting a Christmas card this year of just us? We never send them out. That sets an expectation for the next 100 years you know.

From: Eva

I am contemplating it... I feel like it is my job as a wife or something to send them out...
I loved getting all the cards from my friends last year. They made the house look so festive!
I’m seriously getting into the holiday spirit this year. Be prepared for major January Post-Holiday sadness.

Plus, Shutterfly is offering 50 free cards to bloggers.

I like free.

From: Peter

I agree. But I spent many years setting the negative precedence that cards are stupid. I like to expect them, just not give them. You know, like any selfish person would do!

****End of Email Chain***

* edit... Shutterfly, you disappoint me by punking out on the free card promise. Despite that I shilled your products like a two bit table dancer on my measly blog I got nada from you.
sad cardless eva


  1. I love the mod snowflake design! Sadly I didn't even think about sending out cards this year until I read this post... and I don't think it's going to happen. I plan on milking the 'we just bought a house' excuse for as long as possible.

  2. Thanks for the Shutterfly link. I still need to create some sort of card.

  3. In the one in front of the door you look kind of like, "Wonder Twin powers, activate!".

    Love you! your sister.