December 7, 2010

Wrapping up for the holidays!

Much like a lot of people, Thanksgiving was the official kick off to our holiday season. We took a long look at the December calendar and saw that it was packed with obligations. Which is when Pete and I decided that it was time to pack up the garage work for the winter. There are people to see, presents to wrap and champagne to drink every weekend! Sad as it is to have halt the work that was rolling along I would be lying if I said that I didn't need a break from the garage. Cause I really do.

As much as I love the garage and am having fun building it, working outside in the winter on construction is a hard way to spend all your free time and every weekend daylight hour. Work goes slower cause you're slower to get things done. The wind hurts your face. You come home with sniffles everyday. The sun sets before you know it. And we have a lot of limitations on what we can do because of the weather (such as no painting).

No one really gives you a medal when your eyeballs freeze or snot pours out of your nose all day long on job site. And I'm not into doing things just so I can say I did and be a DIY Topper.

Example of the DIY Topper: " Well I worked outside on my garage during the biggest snowstorm the east coast has seen in a 1,000 years."

One cold and windy Saturday we double layered and headed over to check off in our pre-winter to-dos for the garage.

I moved our considerable sized stash of awesome old oak planks out from the rusty and crusty lean-to, into a much more suitable home in the garage.

All while Pete worked on a temporary winter wall for the back side of the garage.

We towed in Pete's someday project car, the '72 Land Cruiser. It proved especially challenging because of the one flat tire. But now the Land Cruiser lives in the garage until Pete has time to work on it. Which will be in about a decade.

And then we put up our winter " garage doors", which are in the form of plywood.

I'm ready to change gears for a little while!


  1. Hey! You didn't even notice in your blog that you're storing all this stuff in the garage for the Winter BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST PLACE FOR IT TO BE!!! lol :) Once upon a time, the lean-to was safer from the weather than your garage, but you've worked hard enough to change that. Congratulations on that huge step forward. And Happy Holidays!

  2. @ Nota :) Thank you for that. It seriously made me pop a grin on my face. :D