December 21, 2010

Philly Architectural Salvage Locations... p3

The last Philly salvage place we check out was ReStore.

Overall: A. we'll definitely be back.

We got lucky and snagged a street parking spot right in front of the place. I'd imagine that any other time but in the evening you'd be able to find the same, since it is on a residential street.

It is a mid-sized loft-ish type warehouse where everything is super well organized, the place is well lit with natural light and the surroundings feel nice. The major bonus is you're not paying for the "nice feeling" surroundings, everything seemed fairly priced to me.

Vintage door knobs are pretty much automatically awesome in my book, but I went nuts for these milk glass knobs! They are pretty unique and are just gorgeous in real life. There was serious restraint on my end to hold back from purchasing them for the price of $30 a set. Only slightly higher than the normal brass or crystal sets they also had on the table.

Pete caught me eyeballing up antique tiles for our eventual fireplace(s). I'm leaning more toward old, original (and slightly ugly-ish, they are a brown and green tie-dye look) tiles for them while he like something less authentic but nicer looking.

Windows galore! Doors Galore!

I'm so glad we took the time to check out these Philly salvage and antique places. Not only are they so close to us, but they provided us with the chance to talk more about the upcoming renovations for the Wee house. Talking about the reno always gets our creative juices flowing again, especially when they have been stalled behind a long time of garage building. Makes me so anxious to get the garage done and move on into working on the house!


  1. Oh man I would love to have a salvage store where we are. We keep looking for them and can never find any close by, which is crazy to me because we have so many old Victorian's around here!

  2. I never stop being jealous that you have a house to buy stuff like this for! I visit our local salvage store often, but there's not much point in me snatching up door knobs and iron grates for a rented 1960's townhouse;)

  3. This is awesome! See you soon!