December 8, 2009

Second Open House

Friday night our town had its Annual Christmas Tour. Which is one of the major events in our relatively small, South Jersey town. A few select homes in town open their doors up for the masses and welcome every last person in. All with tales about the home, notable past owners and showing off unique offering that the house has. Proceeds from the tour go toward our town's historical preservation society.

Our house was not on the tour.

However, Pete and I thought that given the amount of traffic that goes through the town during the tour that maybe it would be a good idea to have an open house. Get our visibility on the market up. Our realtor agreed to host the open house for two hours on Friday night. Over the course of the week we cleaned. We scrubbed. We swept. Every last holiday decoration got put up and plugged in. Cookies went into the oven and hot cider was simmering on the counter.

Not a person showed up.

Neither of us really expected anyone to stop by, but both of us were hoping that maybe someone would. Since we're not in the middle of town walking area we knew there would be no "oh I just was strolling by" foot traffic. But I was hoping that pure curiosity would get someone to come in.

After we stopped bashing our heads into the wall, we ate the cookies and talked. Now we're just happy that the house got sparkling clean and is completely decorated for the Holidays. We can relax a little bit and enjoy the next few crazy weeks fully.

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