December 21, 2009

Snowy House Bound Weekend

This weekend Philadelphia and the surrounding area got slammed with a late fall storm. Highest recorded amount December snow fall ever! Our area of South Jersey was documenting amounts in the 2 foot range. As a lover of all things snow, this weekend was fantastic for me! Waking up to the snow falling Saturday morning I was like a kid again. I woke up early, which is unheard of for me on the weekends and just stared out the window watching the snow fall. Energized by the snow and my giant cup of coffee I buzzed around the house, cooking and cleaning for the rest of the morning.

At noon we decided to get bundled up and play outside for a little bit. Unfortunately there aren't any great sledding hills that we know of around us, so no sledding was to be had. There is a little hill in our backyard, but it leads directly into the stream and my tuck and roll off the sled technique hasn't been practiced in many years. So I'd be afraid my behind would end up taking a little dip if I attempted to sled down the hill. (Plus we don't have a sled)

Nala had a freaking blast running around the backyard in the snow! She was having level 10 amounts of fun.
Late at night we suited up again to check out the snow and nab some pictures of the house snow covered. It was around 10pm and the snow was still coming down pretty hard.

Moi, standing in the street. For reference I'm 5'6" and the snow was at my knees. It was even higher in the drifts! I tried to make a snow angel and could barely move. Pete called it a lovely snow blob.

Sunday morning my car was pretty much completely buried. It still looks like that. Only the SUV got dug out completely. We're going to be driving the SUV until the roads get cleared around us. Living out in the sticks means roads that stay yucky until a few days of sun later. There just aren't enough people driving over them to get anything but the main roads clear.

Sunday evening we drove to the Wee house to make sure it was ok. There was some concern about the crap shed in the backyard collapsing under the weight of the snow. Plus we needed to make sure the sidewalk was shoveled. Which it was thanks to our lovely and amazing neighbor! They definitely earned the cookies I spent all day baking.

The sunset looks so pretty reflecting off our abandoned Wee house.


  1. We're probably the only people to drive INTO the snow storm. We hung out at Rob's cousin's house in Swedesboro. It took us an hour to dig & get our car out of their court {which the plow skipped}. Newark's not so bad but still festive.

  2. I love those house pictures... exactly what a white Christmas should look like!

  3. Hey girl! I just found your blog on houseblogs.
    Lisa Ertl

  4. Love your house pictures!
    Here in G'town we seemed to be in a pocket of not as much snow only 8-10". Still, very pretty.
    Love M.O.M.