December 1, 2009

Second Chance Inc. Baltimore, MD

Two years ago my chatty cathy husband was purchasing a doorknob from a antique dealer in Berlin, MD (super cute town btw), and somehow the topic of architectural salvage came up. The dealer told Pete about these great salvage warehouses in Baltimore that we should check out. Explaining that they are open to the public and packed full of unique salvaged items and antiques. After leaving both of us promptly forgot the name of the warehouses.

A few months go by and we decide to take our annual Black Friday road trip south. Thank goodness for Google, because Second Chance, Inc popped up on the top search results.

Our area of SJ is about an hour and a half from Baltimore with no traffic, so we planned our Black Friday 2007 around visiting Second Chance. It. was. awesome. There was no buying anything, just the two of us wandering around in a happy daze, pointing out all the cool stuff.

Now we're back to present day.

It has been two years since our last visit to Second Chance and the annual Black Friday shopping road trip was approaching. Last year we went North and ended up at Macy's Herald Square (so much fun!), so we decided to again head down to Baltimore to see what Second Chance had in store for us.

Inside of Warehouse 4:

The entire place is stocked with loose cabinets of all sizes and finishes. There are complete kitchens that are available for purchase, countertops and all. You can really score a deal here on cabinets, but its going to take time and exact measurements to get everything right. But what bargain hunter doesn't mind the leg work and digging to save big?

These columns are perfect for what we have in mind for the living room area. With built in glass storage area at the bottom...
Warehouse 1 is my favorite! I can't help it. Everything is so interesting and fun to look at. All the salvaged house bits just inspire me to work harder on our renovation so we can get to actually SHOP here for needed elements. Instead of just looking and imaging.

Need some stair spindles? Or matching Newel Posts? Can't wait to knock out the wall by the stairs and open everything up. Definitely coming back to pick out what we want when that happens.
There are just a few shutters....

Why hello Corbels. You are my new obsession.

I adore these wood burning stoves. They are exactly what I want for our living room- someday.

Antique painted and chipping tin ceiling. I would love to get a sheet of this to put on the wall as an art piece.

Fantastic chippy mantle. I love it, even though I feel like I get lead poisoning just from looking at it.

I can't wait to get back there when we have a better idea of what the Wee house is going to need!

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  1. Another architectural salvage in Baltimore is the Loading Dock ( I've never been, but I've heard its good.:)

  2. We've been there! {} It's awesome

  3. I wish you'd posted about this a few days ago! I was JUST in Baltimore for the weekend, and I would've loved to poke around in there for a while. Unfortunately, it's about 7 1/2 hours from where I live, so it's not a trip I can make any ol' time.

  4. Baltimore is right in my back yard! I live in southern PA right near the MD line so I'll definately have to check this place out...thanks!

  5. This place is in Northern Liberties, so much closer than Baltimore:

    Good luck with you can donations :)

  6. Ohh Erin I'm going to have to check that place out! Gives me an excuse to go to Standard Tap!

  7. I remember you mentioning this a while ago, Eva! And I may be heading to the NoLibs one very soon.

  8. Yay for an awesome road trip. Such a great, original idea to reuse stuff other people gently used. Kudos!

  9. Soooooo fantastic.

    Love, M.O.M.

  10. What a cool place Eva, I love it

  11. Oooh that place looks awesome!

  12. What an awesome place! I wonder if anywhere in our area has something like that. I'd really like to go to one.