September 5, 2010

Dead Something in Basement

Something died in the Wee house basement. I say something because Pete can't even tell what it used to be. No friggen way did I take a peek. The best description he could give me was that "it used to have fur. and is bigger than a mouse" Gag.

The worst part is, it died in the basement drainage hole. Which is full of water. So instead of just being a super nasty dead animal in our basement this has become a liquefied mush of decomposition that is impossible to scoop out and get rid of now. Double Gag.

Basement and first floor of the house stink real bad. Thank goodness we're doing outside jobs only currently. I'm pretty prepared mentally when it comes to finding long dead smallish animal skeletons in the house. We've already come across at least four mouse skeletons and one mummified mouse. But this something is freshly dead, and bigger than a mouse.

Any advice? Should we throw lye down? Bleach? Wait for nature to take its course?


  1. Ick. No suggestions. Just "ick" and my sympathies to all parties. In gutting our house we found one intact squirrel skeleton and one mummified rat. But nothing as fresh as your find, fortunately.

  2. I feel for ya. I have nothing useful to add other than - GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I went the "let nature take its course route" but that was because I didn't find the rat until after the smell/decomposing part was over. Good luck & God speed.

  3. This completely trumps my live mouse in the garbage can under the sink.

    Hmmmmm but there was that cat skeleton in the garage --- but was not nearly as YUK



  4. Good thing he handled it. I wouldn't have been able to.

    Sorry no suggestions. Just ugh.

  5. Thanks everyone, we shut the basement door and that helped to contain the stink down there. I think we're going to go for the wait it out plan. Who knows how long that will take since its friggen floating in water. Ew. I'm all skeeved out just typing about this.