September 3, 2010

Hammer Time! ...'cause the air nailer died

Pete was up on the roof balanced precariously on a 2x4 when our air framing nailer decided to go *POOFFTTT* and die on the job. My best tool friend on the job site was dead! Unfortunately everything we planned to do that day revolved around the framing air nailer. Pete went old school with the hammer and manpower for a few boards, in order to finish what he started but after that he had to switch gears and work something else.

I stayed on the ground, measuring and marking a million boards for our roof purlins. The delay of the air nailer breaking meant I was able to get a lot of them done and stocked up waiting for Pete. Check it out, the garage is really coming along!

Thankfully Pete is super handy and later on in the week (after a few hours of taking the nailer apart, inspecting it very carefully) he was able to find the thingy that seemed to be broken. Some small tweeks were needed and then the air nailer worked again! Phew.

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  1. It's really coming together. It looks awesome!