September 29, 2010

To life

Normally I try to keep this blog pretty single focused about house related topics. But sometimes things come in your life that you feel the need to share because they are so significant that you are really forever changed as a person. These last few weeks have been that time, and things have been quite rough around our house lately.

At the beginning of September Pete's Grandpop went into the hospital and when he left nine days later it was with a very serious cancer diagnosis. With knowing the delicate nature of his heath, the family rallied around him trying to make his last days as pleasant and full of love as possible. In a matter of a week Grandpop declined to the point where Pete and I knew it was time to say good bye.

The funeral was yesterday and was a beautiful tribute to the full life of a great man.


  1. How wonderful that your family was able to surround him with love before having to say goodbye. But I'm so sorry for your loss:(

  2. Significant is such a great word for something such as this. I lost my grandparents very young, and sometimes it's still a little surreal to realize you're living life without their influence.

  3. what a great picture to cherish.