September 23, 2010

Tootles Tv

Every fall Pete and I debate the same thing: Should we or should we not cancel the cable down at the beach condo?

For a few years we fell pretty solidly into the Should Not column because of a multitude of reasons. Usually it was because we didn't remember to call until a few months had passed and by that time the disconnect and reconnect fees were going to eat up a lot of our potentials saving. Secondly, we do try to spend time down there in the winter and having tv to watch while you do work around the condo or veg out is really nice. In fact it was lovely to have last winter when we re-did the bathroom. In the past the cable company offered special winter rates that allowed us to get our normal package for a lot cheaper. Which when added with the fees, made it not that bad money wise to just keep the cable.

Last year the cable company dropped a month of the winter rates and then restructered the channels that you got for the low price. Suddenly we were paying a decent amount of money per month for every home shopping channel, one highly political news channel and the local sports station. Nothing else. When we called, the company claimed that in order to get our old channels back we'd have to upgrade our off season package.


For the rental season we provided a complete (yet basic) cable package and wireless internet. Pretty much the day after our last renters packed up we were at the cable company handing them their box back saying "No more please". We asked about keeping the internet, which would allow us to stream tv and movies, but was told it was going to be $65 a month for that alone. Ha!

Bye internet and tv at the beach house.
Hello $800 a year savings.


  1. I hear you. We actually cancelled tv at our house last month. The bill had gradually climbed to almost two hundred dollars a month and we were late on the last bill. The cable company stuck their fat fingers in our bank account and just took it. No call, no notice, no nothing. We figured for that price and the lack of financial privacy we could do without. Its been a month and so far so good.

  2. No cable or even TV set here either. If there is a show I want to watch, I can see it online a day or so later, and just about everything makes it to youtube eventually . Of course, when I CAN watch someone's big big big TV, I LOVE it.