October 21, 2010

Garage Door Quest P.1

Budget left for garage: pennies
How much garage doors cost: lots of pennies.

You can see our conundrum here. Garage doors are like woah expensive, which might explain why they are really something people don't replace often. Or ever get rid of gorgeous, drool worthy carriage garage doors for super cheap.

We shopped the big box stores, finding that the in stock options didn't really jive with the look of the barn garage. Briefly we thought about creating rolling barn doors for the front of the garage, close to what we have here on the current garage. Except that we don't really like the functionality of the sliding door for a garage. It can be a bit of pain when it comes to getting light in the garage or getting a car in and out because you can only open one side at a time.

Then for like a half a second we entertained the thought of getting gorgeous carriage doors made. But when a comma and a few zeros were attached on that price tag we slowly backed away from that idea.

Frustrated we turned to craigslist and searched all the areas around us to see what was available. When it comes to a big purchase like this we usually search everywhere within a 5-ish hour driving radius. No point in letting driving limit the potential to find something that could be perfect for us.

And in western Maryland- we found them. Potentially awesome garage doors for a great price! Pete started up a line of communication with the seller to find out more information and from there we started to get really excited about these doors...

Up next- the all day road trip and how freaking awesome the seller ended up being...

Anyone else willing to make the drive to find that *perfect* item for a great price? Or are we the only nuts who think nothing of hopping into the car and driving far far away to save some money?


  1. We're always willing to drive if the price is good enough. We hauled a trailer full of siding from Montana to Washington through a blizzard because the price was too good to turn down.

  2. For something that expensive, I'd drive, too!

    I've searched my entire state for a match the night table I bought (the BF needs storage and the table on his side isn't cutting it). I even found it once, about three hours away. The seller never wrote back to me. I was so bummed.

  3. I love that other people are willing to do the same thing when it comes to getting good deals! Makes me feel like maybe we aren't so nuts for making a day trip out of getting garage doors.