October 25, 2010

Garage Door Quest P.2

After a lovely drive on the back roads through the state of Maryland, of during which I only had one hunger induced meltdown about the way Pete printed out the Google Map, we arrived in the City of Frederick. Found our way to seller house and pretty much instantly upon arrival we were amped up.

The house was awesome, a large old historic home set on an idyllic lot in the middle of dream hamlet of stately old homes. The kind of neighborhood you walk around and just drool at when you're a historic home junky. Out of respect for the seller B* I'm going to gloss over a lot of the location details and story that led to him getting new garage doors. But I will talk about this house and B* cause he and his house were really just that cool.

Being super awesome and because Pete and I do not look like (nor are we) crazy weirdos, B* took us on a tour of his home and gave us the run down of the history behind it. We were enthralled as he showed us the original leaded windows, down into the basement and up to the third floor. It was really great to talk to another old home enthusiast and to see how he and his family have made living in such a historic home work for their modern needs without taking away from the original charm of the place.

After about an hour of talking and loading the garage doors on the trailer Pete and I really wanted to take a walk around the city. B* gives us directions on how to get to the downtown, offers us the use of his bikes and then tells us to pull the trailer into his driveway so we don't have to worry about someone messing with the doors. Nicest guy ever. And I don't even offer the people I meet for CL drop offs a glass of water.

We took a walk around the city, soaking in some more of the awesome historical homes and beautiful architecture. We grabbed a quick bite and ice cream for the nice walk back to the car. It was all in all, a great way to end our CL adventure.

Plus, we really do love the garage doors! Win all around!


  1. That sounds like a super awesome day!

  2. It was! and I didn't even mention the great margarita's we got with dinner :)

  3. Aw, don't the good Craigslist experiences totally make all the nut jobs worth it? The house tour sounds fantastic!

  4. Wait - I live in Frederick! Seriously - you came here to get your doors?? So glad you got to see a little bit of our little town - lots ofhistory there :) That is so funny!!!!

  5. Just saw the margarita comment so clearly you were at LaPaz on the creek :)

  6. Your road trips are so much fun to read.
    Love you guys.

  7. @ Deb! Yes! That is exactly where we grabbed the Margaritas :) It was so nice to sit outside and enjoy them. We adored Frederick! It is a gem of a city.