January 31, 2011

peace out paneling

We finished with the removal of the paneling up in the one bedroom. It went along swimmingly well! It was almost too easy to pull the panels off and throw them out the window. Even though I bent Mr. Smashy in the process. Who bends their crowbar?

There is something so gratifying about tearing out those ugly panels. You see such results in short order that it helps to motivate you along to tear out more! I especially love seeing the real house behind the panel. Gives me a better feel of the house, the history of it and what it might have looked like before the invasion of wood paneling.

Like the different wallpaper I found behind some panels. Pure freaking love. At one point in time, this house was styled in fabulous wallpaper. I weep for the fact that it is no longer there. Can you imagine how different this house would look if all the paneling was never put in? They would have never destroyed the original trim in order to put the paneling in! Everywhere you looked would have been awesome vintage wallpaper bordered by chunky wood moldings.

I wonder if there is anything we're doing to the house that makes people want to punch us over? Or give us a good smack upside the head? I'm sure there is...


  1. That wallpaper is super sweet!

  2. So fun seeing the old wallpaper. I love little peeks into a house's history like that!

  3. You got to love houses with history. My grandmother's old house had layers and layers of wallpaper. It was crazy when we pulled it all down.

    On the topic of discovering new things about your house - my Mom is in the process of remodeling her house and she is blocking in with a false wall a huge brick fireplace in the middle of the house. She's kind if laughing maniacally about it imagining some future homeowner tearing down the wall and discovering the fireplace.