January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011. I'm not ready.

As per my usual MO I'd way late to all the year-in-review blog land posts...

I did start one, but I'm still stuck somewhere in October and currently mind boggled at the length of of our 2010 list. The length isn't only because I am terrible at short explanations for anything, but also because we apparently did a ton of house related stuff last year... a few things that I never even blogged about.

I'm working on condensing the list. How does everyone feel about just bullet points?

As for 2011... I'm not super thrilled that 2011 is here. Overall the passage of time has started speeding up for me and the year twenty eleven just feel so futuristic. Yet it is here. Right now.

We have a whole lot of work waiting for us this year ( so much it is kinda scary).

After seeing how much of the garage we got done since the end of July, which is when we started the DIY portion, we're a little eager until we can get back outside to finish it on up. Once the garage is "finished" the two of us are going to shift our entire focus to the Wee house, which is when I might start to cry out of happiness. It has been a few years of talking, planning and saving to make the renovations start happening, so to know that we've finally gotten to that point? Well I'll be thrilled. Even though I know it is only going to open up a huge can of new worms when we start our serious house renovations.

As you could well imagine, I haven't quite gotten to my goals for 2011 since I'm still wrapping 2010 up in my head ( and on here).

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