January 14, 2011

Year ahead plans

Currently my head is swirling with a ton of fresh new ideas for 2011.

When my head is full like this it is hard for me to pick out the specific bits to get them down on here. There is just so much to do and I'm thinking about it all. But I'll try to pick out the big and interesting stuff so you guys can get a peek at what we (might) have in store for all our houses this year.

Major goal of the year:

Finish the garage.

Based on our guesstimate, we have about 10 more solid weekends of working on the garage until we can call it complete. Since projects always run longer than we think, I'd say it is safe to put money down on it really taking about 12 more weekends for a solid wrap up.

Left to do (not in order):

Regrade the land around the garage

Build the car port on the side for our everyday drivers

Get the top section of the back wall up

Prime, paint and install the batten boards

Paint the garage

Paint and Install the garage doors

Build and install copula.

Put down sub-floor upstairs

Build staircase to second story

Install back windows

Secondary Projects:

Fix up the stairs and hallway of beach house

- new stair treads, painting, decor and new heater door-

Tear out the upstairs of the Wee house

- already started but continue on with the de- paneling and carpet removal, get to crusty plaster tear out-

Clear out our house.

- we have a lot o'stuff. a lot. -

Clean up our rental after our college students move out

- hopefully sans rabies this year-

Project that are at an impasse

( otherwise known as Eva wants to do them, Pete doesn't)

Lipstick touch the kitchen

- Sand and refinish butcher block counters, paint darker brown, add a faux copper tile back splash, replace hated bamboo floor-

Finish Dining room

- New light, get rug, add open shelving along one wall, new curtains-

Paint TV room

- The murder red color is slowly driving me nuts-

Wallpaper hall

Finish closet room

-paint clothing racks, add throw rug.-

Sell our college rental

- maybe? will the economy allow it? who knows-

And that is just a taste of what we're planning on tackling this year. There are many more ideas just bopping around in my head, waiting on their time for action. Unfortunately time and budget constraints might put the kibosh on some of the above items, but I'll try my hardest to accomplish my house related goals this year! I mean, if I can give up salting food for a year...

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