February 16, 2011

Checking in

Quick apologies are in order as I've been taking a little break from blogging lately. Everything is Ok! No major upsets or categorically life changing events have happened. I'm just going along living everyday life in New Jersey. Day in, Day out.

My full-time-adult-grown-up job has hit a busy spot though, working those extra hours are zapping my brain cells hard core. By the time I wearily close down my computer at the end of the day I'm completely spent and have lost all ability to form cohesive thoughts for the blog. Since my job gives us the bucks to help pay for our houses, it is pretty important for me to focus on getting my work done before updating here. No matter how much I wish the situation was reversed!

Just because the blog has been silent doesn't mean the projects have stopped! We've been working away on beach condo stairs and are completely done with phase one of the project. The phase where I'm pretty sure I lost my sense of smell due to marine quality oil based paint.

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