February 17, 2011

floor seeking a fun rug. must like vaccuums and pets.

Currently we have a half done garage, a staircase that is missing the actual stairs and an entire house in the middle of being torn down to the studs. And what is the one thing I keep constantly thinking about?

A rug for our dinning room.

More specifically this rug:

the Dash and Albert Cat's Paw Rug.

I love how it's full of fun color and whimsy, while being a little old fashioned modern. Got all that? Those are the buzz words I'm using now to describe my design sense going forward for our house(s).

Ever since we brought home our lovely new table last May, it kicked off our slow and completely unnecessary ( but wanted) spruce up of the dinning room. The two of us shopped for and debated chairs, stools and a settee before settling on our current seating solutions. Seen here for the wrap up of the search, it only took about five months to get to that point. Now I'm back on the rug hunt, estimated time to completion from kick off of project- 1 year. Yeah, I'll be happy if I have a rug on the floor by May.

I'm pretty sure I'm focusing on this rug with such intensity because, well, it's easy. So easy you might meet it under the bleachers after school. Compared to every other project going on, the idea of buying said rug and just simply rolling it out in the dining room is just so appealing.

Now all I'm waiting on is the email from Pete where he tells me the rug is hideous and I must be out of my mind to like it. It's a fun repartee we have going on lately. You should have heard the *spirited* discussion we had this weekend about trim colors in the beach condo...

Your opinion- hideous rug? Should I keep looking? or can you see the appeal?


  1. Good choice! I like the zig zag one too.

  2. I like this. Looks like it can go a long way without showing dirt.
    love from M.O.M.

  3. I hate that you posted that rug. Now I want it too.

  4. Love those very colorful rug. I want it too fit for my new condo.

    Deirdre G