February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to my mom! My numbero uno commenter, reader and all around blog stalker. I love you and hope you are enjoying your snowny birthday.

My mom loves herself some blogs, so other readers who are not my mother ( I'm guessing 5 of you) feel free to post your blog links in the comments section! Give her (and myself) some new reading material.

PS: I got you a present! It's from HERE.

No, not baby booties.


  1. Hey I know her (jersey hooker)!

    Happy Birthday, Eva's mom!

  2. Thank you Thank you. What a great birthday card!!!!!!!! Jersey Hooker, the greatest blog name ever. I can't wait.
    Going out this weekend to eat a BIG birthday dinner and even BIGGER dessert.
    Much love from M.O.M.