February 3, 2011

Demo: In Progress

Believe it or not, I like in progress pictures better than the before usually. There is something about this stage of demo that is so exciting to the inhaled too much plaster dust renovator. You can see the result of your work right away and that is incredibly gratifying during a large project like this. At the same time there is still much more to demolish and discover about the house, which makes my crowbar jump with anticipation of what is to come.

The fun of demo helps to even out the disgusting moments of demo. Like when you tear out a bathroom sink and discover an insane amount of mouse poop underneath. Or when you throw up in your mouth from another poop discovery.


  1. Ahh I remember our demo days. Good luck with the rest of your demo and hopefully there aren't any more disgusting surprises in store!

  2. Demo, to me, is the second best part of remodeling a home (other than finishing, of course). It where you can see how open and the full potential of a home. I love it.

  3. This may sound weird, but I kind of love that second picture and I think it looks really artisic and cool! The colors in it are so pretty.