September 30, 2009

Craigslist Dissapointment

Friggen Craigslist.

I know I shouldn't comb it for stuff that I can't buy. But I can't help it and today my little habit is coming up to bite me in the rear. I just found a bed frame that I am completely lusting over for about 60% off its very expensive retail price. In another set of circumstances I'd be heading over there right now with the SUV and trailer acting like only a crazed bargain hunter can. Ya know, foaming at the mouth and counting out my cash at red lights.

But since the circumstances are as follows- selling house. tight on cash. low bedroom ceilings that would not be tall enough for this canopy bed. a complete set of bedroom furniture from Quality Discount Furniture already. took 2 door car to work today. and the biggest kicker of all? No room for stashing a fairly expensive bed for who knows how long until our bedroom is ready in the Wee house.

Frig. I hate seeing a good deal fall by the way side.

This really bums me out.


  1. Hurray! Your comments are working! Sorry you didn't get my note sooner.

    I hate when that happens with CL. I try to avoid the temptation.

  2. Words of wisdom from W.O.M. (Wise Old Mom) There is always another good deal. Was there not always another wedding dress?

  3. ha, i could have written that post... about a chair, dresser, or whatever else i find on craigslist. but yet i still have to check it out, every single day.