September 23, 2009

Timberland Work Boots Rave!

Dear Timberland Pro Work Boots,

Thank you. Thank you for providing my not-so-dainty lady feet with the same protection that most manufactures only offer to men. I never have to worry about my feet while working on my house, and it’s completely because my boots rock.

Traction across all surfaces is great and I can walk through or on top of everything with no fear of slipping. Sometimes I even walk through puddles just so I can be happy that my feet stay dry. My toes are completely protected by steel, which is frankly freaking fantastic because I’m one clumsy home renovator and have dropped plenty of potential toe bruising material on my feet.

Thank you again boots. You’re number one on my must have while renovating list. Can’t wait to see the condition you’ll be in at the end of this project.



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