September 9, 2009

From Chaos to More Chaos

Saturday morning our friend Dave came over to lend a hand on the house. He was interested in learning about the how to of demolishing a house. We obliged Dave's thirst for knowledge and handed over Mr.Smashy and a pair of work gloves.

Like all Saturday mornings we've had so far, a trip to the county Dump was on the agenda. Unlike other days there were no materials waiting for loading, so a quick hour and a half of work was needed to create some trash. I shoveled plaster from the living room into buckets while Dave and my husband tore down paneling, heating vents and a random wall.

This was our first time using the buckets, and they were just as awesome as I hoped. 30 buckets later and barely a dent was made in the clean up...
Husband and Dave discussing manly demolition things...

Over the course of the afternoon our living room went from partially torn out chaos to completely torn out uber chaos! Once the day was over plaster and lath were piled high in all the corners and we got our first peek at how the room used to look. You can clearly see the original shape of the entrance foyer. I can't get over how big the room is now with all the walls torn out.

Thanks again for all your help Dave! You are awesome!

{Gotta love a friend that will work for a cold Coors light!}

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