September 24, 2009

Pimp my cubicle?

I spend 40 hours a week in my cube. And while I'm very happy to have a job, I'm starting to go a little bananas with the lack of natural light and mocking gray walls. It might be time for a little pimp my cubicle session. Just something to take the edge off my decorating jonesing, since the house is for sale we're not doing anything new there. It will be forever until the Wee house is ready too*.

So maybe I'll do that. Make my workspace a reflection of me, instead of three walls and some faux wood with yucky carpet. It's been decided. I'm going to give my cube a little face lift and make it awesome. I wonder if there is anything in the company handbook about this...

Very important! It seems my old template disabled the comments, so I've switched back to my simple style for now. Sorry for anyone who tried to leave me a comment and got denied! I love comments, so I feel really bad about the snafu.

*see! there is always a 7 degrees separation way to get my posts back to our houses!

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