September 21, 2009

Tearing out a Dining Room

Oh future Dining Room... I can already sense how much work you're going to be. It's only been a few weekends of working on the house and you've already provided me with the most head scratching WTH moments so far. Remember the vomit in the mouth incident? That took place in the (future) dining room.

First thing with every room is the complete tear out of the walls and ceilings. Especially important in this room because our future dining room is supporting an addition. The addition was built up over time and that top part might become part of our master bedroom someday. I don't want to be blissfully snoozing away one day when the floor gives way beneath me!

Opening up the walls allowed us to survey how well the work was done for the addition and to see how time had treated everything. Overall the condition is pretty scary, but not worse than we were prepared for. There are no problems that we can't handle. It's so funny that you can have a solid as rock old house and the only part that is the "problem child" is the addition!

Fun times lay ahead of me with cleaning up this mess. It is pretty easy to look at the room with such overwhelming amount of work to do and not even know where to start. Don't discourage yourself right off the bat. It is really important not to sike yourself out! I do wish that house demo came with little handy neon arrows pointing out your start and end points. That would be helpful. But alas, the Wee house has no such handy arrows so I had dive in where I thought best. Which happen to be the door into the room, I just slogged through with picking up lath and other random bits. Eventually progress started to be seen.

Late afternoon sun was streaming through the windows before I had a noticable handle on the mess. Once I got to the turning point in cleaning everything, the work went along quickly and pretty smoothly when it came time to shoveling plastic/unidentified bits into the buckets.

Ta-Da!! All clean! and yet still miles away from the eventual end point. Oh well, we're not racing anyone with trying to get this house done. So for now I'll find my accomplishments in the little projects.

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