November 30, 2009

Long Weekends are the best.

Over the oh so wonderful extended weekend Pete and I managed to get a massive amount of stuff done! I love having the time to get everything and visiting everyone in, four day weekends should be a mandatory once a month happening.

Quick run down of our weekend:
Thursday- Thanksgiving! Included all of our families, the customary different Lunch/Dinner locals and required five hours of driving.

Friday- Sleep in and Black Friday shop a thon. Except we don't do the normal door buster shopping. The name of the game on Black Friday is to go on a mini road trip to shopping areas and to hit a new mall. What can we say? We're from Jersey, Malls are in our blood. This year we headed south and shopped for home improvement supplies.

Saturday- Worked on the Wee house. Which included two trips to the dump. Got to the Tree farm and picked up our Christmas tree!

Sunday- Cleaned the house, cleared out my DVR while ironing/folding laundry.

...and now its back to the daily grind.

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