November 30, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

You may think we're a little nuts, but Pete and I LOVE heading out on Black Friday! We don't wake up super early to hit up the door buster sales or even have a marathon list of people to buy for. Our only goal is to get out there and see as much as we can while enjoying a free day together. Often we'll pick out a major destination that we want to explore and then build a game plan around that location.

For example: In 2008 went up to the Crate and Barrel Outlet (awesome) in Cranbury, Nj. From there we went on to the Fortunoff Outlet (not awesome) on Long Island. After that we checked out the Roosevelt Field Mall. Afterwards we decided to head on into Manhattan and experience the Herald Square Macy's where the two of us spent hours checking all nine floors of the building. Ended the night with some delicious Magnolia Cupcakes before heading home on the NJ Turnpike South.

Mixing things up this year, we decided to head west and spend some time learning new places in the familiar area of the Philadelphia region. A quick search in Google for Architectural Salvage Philly gave us three really promising sounding businesses to check out. So we based our day around visiting them first...

The plan:

Brunch at
Sabrina's Cafe , highly highly recommend. Delicious.


912 Canal Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
( A+)

3016 East Thompson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Architectural Antiques Exchange
715 North Second Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
( C+)

... it took a few hours by the time we explored all three locations but the day was still young! So we loaded up on an amazing hoagie from
Campo's and yummy drinks from Starbucks while heading out to the King Of Prussia Mall. Since we both work about 5 min from the KOP mall, we know that area like the back of our hands. Which was awesome because we were able to scoot right around all the massive traffic in the area and got a primo parking spot!

After KOP we hit up the Limerick Outlets, I mean Philadelphia Premium Outlets, quickly. Woah it was packed! I can imagine it was super scary that morning. The Nieman Marcus Last Call used to have some really neat home items, but not this trip unfortunately. At this point we had enough time to get one more location in, The Lancaster Outlets which is home to our favorite outlet store, The Pottery Barn Outlet.

By the end of the day the only thing we purchased was a new GPS system for our car from Best Buy. However, we had TONS of new house related ideas filed away in our brains just waiting for the time to come for us to use them. I can't wait to hit my new favorite salvage places again!

Anyone else have a black friday tradition like ours? All day shop-a-thon, or do you spend the day warm and snug in your house far away from the crazy crowds?

Pictures and detailed reviews of the architectural salvage locations coming soon!


  1. Oh, wow...the Lancaster outlets are right near me! I haven't been to the Pottery Barn outlet down there it worthwhile?

  2. I love love love black friday. My cousin and I go out every year (the hubbys always stay at home with the kids. They will make up any excuse not to go and they do each year. LOL) I always end up recruitting people to go with us. This year I got my sister, 2 of her kids, my coworker and little cousin. We get to Walmart at 3am and stay out until 11am. I get gifts for the entire year like birthday gifts for all my god childern and gifts for birthday parties I know my daughter will be attending in 2011. The strange thing is I usually don't shop for christmas gifts. I always end up being a last minute shopper.

  3. @ Monica, the pottery barn outlet is more hit than miss for us. especially if they are having an extra % off special deal. you can find out via the sales through twitter.

    @ anon, it is really fun being out in the crowds sometimes! I think if I had a ton of people to buy for than I'd be all over that kind of shopping.