November 18, 2010

Weather Thanks

Today I'm thankful that this fall has provided us with mostly mild weather. Mainly because I overall hate being cold, but also because it gives us the chance to keep working on the garage as long as the weather holds out. November is always iffy weather wise here in NJ, so it was a crap shoot how much past the first of this month that we'd be able to stand working outside for long periods of time. Especially since the house isn't heated in the least bit, so you get no breaks from the weather or chances to heat up. So I'll take the 50's and sunny!


  1. We just got our first oil delivery. I am very happy that we can now work on the house in the warmth rather than frezing our asses off.

  2. Irene, We have oil heat as well! It is painful to shell out the cost to fill the tank, but oh-so-blissful when we turn the heat on and our dinosaur of a heater warms the house up in about 4 minutes!