November 10, 2010

Current Craigslist Faves

I would classify myself as a hardcore Craigslist addict. I love passing the time of slow afternoons by just browsing around the CL to see what is being offered up that day, and to mock the crap that people try to sell for massive amounts of money. Since our house is pretty stocked with all the furniture we need right now I rarely ever end up buying anything.

Here is what I'm obsessing over currently:


Vintage drafting table, I love the idea of using them for a kids craft area tucked in a corner of a sunny room. That huge area is so great for creating crafts and art, all while keeping it off the dining room table. Put a sheet over the table and you have an instant fort!

This fantastic vintage campaign desk. I love everything about it, from the expansive top, to the sharp brass accents and the curvy legs. If I could convince Pete that we should replace our current office desk before moving, I would be all over this desk like a drunk frat boy on a keg tap. The price is high at $275...and is exactly what is keeping the desk from just showing up in our office.


Matching twin sized Jenny Lind beds. How stinking cute would these be painted a bright pink and set up in a little girls room? Or painted white and tucked into a coastal styled guest bedroom down the shore? We have neither type of room, so I'll be passing on these beds for now.

Anything else people search the CL for on the regular? Especially when they full well know that they aren't going to buy anything?


  1. I want all of them! I think I'll have you be my craigslist scout.

  2. I love ol' Craig. It's almost like a treasure hunt.

  3. I'm currently on market for a coffee table with storage space, but havent scored one yet. I love scouring CL. So much so, I might need an Anonymous meeting for it. LOL!

  4. Yes, love it. I especially like the sideways photos taken from somewhere across the street. Learn how to use "rotate" folks.

    Also on my What Were They Thinking list:
    Pictures of a dining room table with a table cloth covering the whole thing.
    Pictures of a desk or shelves full of crap that the seller didn't bother to clean off. Extra added attraction to picture - a pile of dirty clothes nearby.

    Love from M.O.M.

  5. That campaign desk is ubercool.