November 1, 2010

(K)need Protection?

Like the total Mensa candidate that I am, I kept forgetting my knee pads when we'd go over to the Wee house. Kneeling in our sandy gravel driveway for marking the screw lines on the roof panels had my knees barking after just barely touching the ground. Enter invention, mothered by necessity. Carpet padding and blue painters tape was a win for protecting my knees enough for me to get the job done!

In other news, it is getting a little bit frosty up in South Jersey. In fact, this weekend it was 51 when we arrived at the site on Saturday, which is exactly half the temperature/heat index of the day it was when we bought all the lumber for the garage! We're not quite as along as we'd hoped to be by this point, which is dissapointing. Mainly because it means for some cold weekends coming up as we try to get this thing weather proofed before winter hits. I don't think we'll have a winter like last year, which hit us hard early and steady all throughout the season.


  1. I heard that carpet knee pads are all the rage in Paris this season.

  2. True story: I had to defend myself against the fashion ninjas when they saw me in this getup! :)

  3. You know fashion ninjas????


  4. that's the best! i was just looking at knee pads at lowes the other day and couldn't believe how expensive some of them are! maybe i should just make my own :-)

  5. @ Katie, if the knee pads are going to be a one off use- then I'd go the DIY route. But if you think you're going to be using them often enough, its worth it buy a decent pair!