November 11, 2010

Outta Room

We are almost all wrapped up with the roof! Only two more panels to go on the very end of the backside. Unfortunately those have to wait to go up until the wall is built, since we need to be able to lean an extension ladder on the wall in order to get the panels up. Follow that? Because I barely can.

The entire time Pete's been putting up panels he's been using the roof purlins as a ladder and screwing down the panel by leaning over from the side of them. He can't step on the metal roof cause it will act as a slide and dump him off the roof in a comical but super dangerous fashion. With the last panels, there is no more roof to stand on. So he's got to use a giant ladder, which needs to lean up against the back wall of the garage.

Pete, putting in the last panel where he can sit on the roof. You can see how he's almost out of room. And the view from inside.


  1. Geez...I would be scared out of my mind doing that! I know I say it all the time, but you guys are rock stars. When this is done, you need to enter this entire project into some online DIY contests. Other people will show the bookcase they made and bam! you'll have a freestanding building!

  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of heights so I wouldn't be up there. Hubby has no fear so I know he'd but up on our 50 foot ladder.

    I agree with Jeannine - a full building done on your own..thats AWESOME!!!

  3. There is a reason I'm taking pictures from the ground ;) I don't do heights either.

    Thank you both for the really kind words gals, they made me smile :D

  4. I agree for sure, you guys are awesome.

    Love M.O.M.

  5. That's one VERY big garage :) My husband would be sooooo jealous. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. If that were me i'd be scared to death to look down, good thing it's not. Your house looks close to perfection! Good luck to completing it. Please post pictures whenever its done!