October 8, 2009

Thanks Cat.

I think my cat hates us. We got home last night to a super fresh poop smack dab in the middle of the bed. I bet she pooped right when the showing was happening. Just cause she is a smart little kitty and apparently wants us to never move. Litter box was completely clean, by the way.

Now I need a way to get cat poop off a down comforter without ruining it. Last night Pete did a spot clean but I'd like to wash the whole comforter. You can wash down comforters in the regular washer right?


  1. You can, my dog peed in the middle of our guest bed a while ago and luckily it washed right out. (I washed it twice just to make sure!)

  2. You can wash them as long as your washer is big enough.

    Maybe it was a lucky poop- maybe the offer is coming your way!

  3. Thanks guys! I took your advice and washed the comforter last night. After about a million hours in the dryer it came out poop free and perfectly fluffy! Yay!

    I wish it was a lucky poop. But I don't think my cat is that magical.