October 20, 2009

Wee House Week- Kitchens

Kitchens. Plural.

The Wee house currently has two kitchens. Not because the previous owner was insistent on keeping strict kosher rules, but because our house used to a be an unsanctioned duplex. Since we are converting the house back to a single family home, there is no need for the upstairs kitchen and we're going to be ripping it completely out. Which is also what we're going to do with the downstairs kitchen because nothing in the whole room is salvageable.

Introducing- our upstairs kitchen!

There is just so much to comment on that I'm not really sure where to start. I guess I'll start with the standard plastic wrapped windows. The last time that fresh air blew into this room I'll never know. Moving on and looking up you'll notice the abnormally squat height of the room. The height of the room is quite the mystery to us, given that there is at least twelve more inches of height above the ceiling before you hit beams and roof. Also present is the always wonderful random wood paneling. Thrown up in a such a fashion that fitting flush with the wall wasn't a concern, as you can see the lovely edge curves.

Now here is where I have to confess something. I love the vintage metal cabinet and porcelain sink. It is so kitch and wonderfully retro! With a little work everything should be in good working order again before we find a new home for it. The only really odd thing was, when we bought the house, a stain stick (for your laundry) was underneath the sink propping up the pipes. Which makes me glad we had the water turned off asap. If you thought the upstairs "bonus" kitchen was bad... well... be prepared to meet its uglier downstairs sister.

The kitchen reminds me of a cave. Not just because of the rock accents either. How many different versions of faux rock can one room have?! Apparently at least two. (Floor and Backsplash) There is only one tiny window in the kitchen, naturally it was covered in plastic and happens to be under the covered wrap around porch thing that is also wrapped completely in plastic. So about zero watts of natural light gets in. Which is only great for those mornings when you are really hungover, it is possible the old owners had a lot of those mornings. Or they were vampires.

Since you can't touch things over the internet you'll just have to take my word about the sticky layer of grime that is coating all the surfaces. The kind of grime that can only accumulate when you cook with a lot of grease in a kitchen with no air flow for over twenty years. Blech.

Hidden from the picture is the lovely drop ceiling and fridge. The ceiling that is taking about a foot off the true height of the room, all done in the name of energy savings. I guess I should be happy its a drop ceiling and they didn't put up drywall. And the Fridge. Oh the Fridge. Let's just say it is so gross that I don't even think a college student would take it for free. There you have our kitchens! Afters will be up in about a year or more.


  1. You got your hand full with those!

    rocks? really?

  2. I love the porcelain sink and metal cabinet too! When I saw the first kitchen I was immediately drawn to it and thought to myself that I would definitely salvage that. I'm a sucker for anything vintage!

  3. i was watching some kitchen makeover show on diy network last night and i swear that they had the same flower wallpaper that is in your second kitchen...

  4. The best part about the kitchen wallpaper? It has gold sparkles in it. I kid you not.

    We're definitely going to salvage and reuse the vintage sink and metal cabinets. Don't know exactly how yet, but we'll think of something.

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