October 19, 2009

Wee House Week! Day One.

The past week marked our anniversary of purchasing the Wee house. Seems like it was just one wink of time ago. I'm always a little late with everything I've decided to make this the Week of Wee (House). To show the before and give everyone a tour of our current project and future home. I feel like the name of the Wee house deserves an explanation, cause it is clearly isn't a tiny (wee) home. My sister gave the house the name after I told her about the grossest walk through of my life. The husband and I were originally searching for a house to flip, so we were touring some of the cheapest and nastiest houses on the market in three counties. When a house is cheap, there is usually a visible reason. One such reason for the low price tag was another house we toured that had an underground oil tank, hot tub in the master bedroom ( not bath. bed.) and a collection of animal skulls on the porch roof.

It came time for our Wee house walk through. Both of us originally passed on the listing because of being labeled as a duplex, but we decided to tour it because of the large yard size and good school district. Both high selling points for a potential buyer. Getting an appointment was like pulling teeth. The seller insisted that her agent be there and he did real estate part time. The day for the showing came and it was a blistering, smothering, sweltering New Jersey in July afternoon. What perfect weather to see an old house that didn't have central air.

Walking in the back door the four of us were knocked back with the smell of urine. I could feel the stinky air particles start to soak into my pores. The owner was chair bound in the living room and we exchanged pleasantries all while holding our breath, which is hard to do btw. At this point a little terrier pup ran up to me that I started to pet and then he promptly wizzed right by my feet. That is when I realized the carpet was damp and squeaked under my feet. One potential source of smell found.

Escaping to the airless but stink free upstairs duplex was amazing. We could breath again and that left us free to focus on the house itself. Which was starting to show some real potential to our renovating eyes. We could see the solid walls and bones behind the velvet Elvis paintings.

Unfortunately we had to go downstairs to get out of the house. Which meant more holding of the breath and on the way out is where I was hit with the sight of what seemed to be jars of Wee sitting on the counter. Maybe the smell made me hallucinate, I'll never be completely sure of what might have been in those jars. Potential source of smell #2 found.

and that was our first time meeting the Wee house. The house that we would eventually buy, planned to flip but instead fell in love with and are now going to make our home.


  1. I can see the potential!
    looking forward to the other posts :)

  2. I love seeing something ugly transformed. You guys are so good at it! I love the wee story! Glad I'm reading it though rather than smelling it in person. lol Definitely see the potential. The house is huge!

    Looking forward to the tour! :)