October 28, 2009

Wee House- Bathrooms

There are some rooms where bleach just isn't enough and no amount of scrubbing or elbow grease will be ever be able to make the room feel clean. Everything will always feel a little yucky. Our original lilac bathroom was one of those rooms. I'd pour straight bleach on the floor while cleaning, it just had that grody aura. In a full disclosure of honesty, I would sometimes use the bleach vapors as an excuse to stop cleaning for the day and would instead read a book. "I don't feel well". This girl hates cleaning (but does it lest you think my house is a hovel).

The bathrooms at the Wee house are those uncleanable rooms. Downstairs is a small, windowless room where dirt grime and kitchen grease laid claim to all surfaces. The plan is reconfigure the room but to keep the current-ish location since it will work so well to keeping all the plumbing on one side of the house. There is no need for a tub downstairs, so we're definitely getting rid of it and putting in a standing shower stall. Hiding behind the wall by the tub is the toilet. Elevated by about a six inch platform. For those that want to feel very tall while on the john.

Upstairs bathroom is marginally nicer than the downstairs. It only squeaks through as the nicer bathroom because of the window. While that window is certainly nice to have, it is also right in the shower. Which, surprisingly, isn't where I'd prefer my bathroom window location to be.

The room is tiny and lacking anything of value or interest. No hidden subway or hex floor tiles. Nothing but a blue tub, bad vinyl flooring and ugly paneling. Everything is getting ripped out and I can't wait! After pictures in about a year. Maybe two for the upstairs master bath.

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