October 27, 2009

Wee House- Disgusting Downstairs

The living rooms. Or should I say old living rooms because we tore the dividing wall down and are not putting it back up!

You'll notice the exterior/interior window that currently makes a great storage shelf for my water bottles. The drop ceiling is hiding about an extra FOOT of ceiling height. and it was being held up by the trim they ripped off the walls while installing the paneling. Which was not cool at all to discover.

The rugs in here were the worst in the house. Everything was damp and reeked of wiz. You can clearly see the dark spots on the carpets. Worst part of the wiz stains was underneath, where the pee disintegrated the padding and mold was starting to grow. I can't believe my house had pee mold. Makes me want a shower just thinking about it... yuck.
Those pillows aren't ours. They came with the house and we threw them out asap.

Other side of the living room. Our first time in the house I got overly excited to see what could possibly be hiding behind the paneling and ripped off the piece. It was more paneling. This room is more of the same- smelly carpet, old ugly paneling and special window.

Now onto the converted front porch. I'm digging the stained plywood for walls and ceiling look...if today was opposite day. I feel the same way about the disgusting blue stained carpet and fug window treatments. All curtains in this room got a quick one way trip to the dump shortly after closing.

The front room is one of the ones I'm most excited and nervous about. It's going to make a great sun room one day and I think the space will be really multipurpose. However, with 1960's DIY conversion jobs you never quite know what could be hiding under those plywood walls. So the unknown problems could pop up fast during tear out.

Finally we have the other front room. Wood paneling. Pillows. Smelly carpet. Same as the other rooms.


  1. You have got your work cut out for you! This is going to be so much fun to watch. YAY reno's!!!

  2. It makes me very sad to think that people lived here in this. M.O.M.