February 8, 2010

Operation Cabinet Organization

Guess who has two thumbs and organized her kitchen this weekend??

::::This Girl::::

Motivated by the falling snow and a giant cup of coffee, I decided to take advantage of being stuck inside all day and get something house related done, something that I wouldn't normally do otherwise. Deep cleaning and organizing the kitchen it was!

First I pulled everything out of the cabinets and out onto the floor. This way I could see exactly what we had and could figure out a way to organize it. We have old school (1960's) cabinets that are really spacious, but it is one big cavernous space. None of those neat cabinet organizational doodads that modern cabinets have are installed inside.

Side note- Am I the only one that can get lost in the Ikea and Lowe's kitchen organization area? I just love to play with and stare at all the options they have for helping people such as myself (organizationally challenged) keep a space tidy...

My biggest problem is that I have a tendency to stack items that don't quite neatly fit together, so they shift and spill over inside the cabinets. In order to fix that problem, I decide to break everything up into neat stackable piles by use type, and to store anything that had a lid option with its proper lid on tight. For example, all my muffing tins are together. Same grouping idea with my casserole Pyrex dishes and since a few of those have lids, I stacked them with the lids on.

During this time, anything that was broken or has since be replaced with an upgraded got tossed or set aside for donation. Pete has two younger sisters in college, both with their own apartments and they have taken many of our hand me down kitchen items. I ended up with a decent size pile of stuff that we no longer needed or used.

I lined all the little kitchen electronics across the bottom shelf single file, this way nothing would get lost on the depths or be hidden by the giant toaster. Frequent use items, but ones that don't get to live on the counter, got placed in the easiest grabbing spot. Items such as the mini fryer, which I shouldn't be using on a regular basis, found themselves in a little less than convenient grabbing space.

Moving on to the top cabinets I started with the same general pull-everything-out-onto-the-counter method of attack.

Missing lids is my personal peeve in the storage container and travel coffee cup departments. I have this hatred of the lone plastic lid or the travel cup that is no longer useful because the vital component of the lid has gone missing. Everything got matched up with its right lid! The Pyrex storage containers, all the travel coffee cups and the set of CorningWare French White bakeware. Speaking of the CorningWare, I love my set! The containers look so pretty all lined up on the shelves and are so convenient to have for cooking. Thumbs up for CorningWare!

Every since organizing all the cabinets I can't help but to take a peek inside and crack a giant dorky smile. Something about the neat little stacks and lined up cups makes me all happy.

Edited to Add- Turns out Pete snuck a picture of me while I was busy trying to organize the spice cabinet. I keep it comfy on snow days.


  1. Organization is a beautiful thing!! Great job!

  2. You are fantastic!

  3. We have a mysterious issue with the lids with no bottoms and bottoms with no lids. I always blame my husband, so much so that now he never, ever takes tupperware to work for fear that the next time one goes missing I'll demand that he search his office!

  4. I have to apologise, I just had to save that photo to my inspiration pic folder because I love the color scheme in your kitchen.