February 19, 2010

Showing Fail

Our house got stood up again. Poor house.

The plus side to not having a showing is that the office door stayed closed all day, so the cat didn't have a chance to run in and take a massive whiz all over the carpet. As she so much loves to do right in the corner of the office. She'll go in her litter box just fine, as long as she can't get in the office. Part of me feels a little bad that I deprive my cat of her favorite litter box. But then I look at the carpet we've already had to replace once, and all those feelings go away.

I think this was our 26th-ish showing?

We're meeting with our realtors soon to discuss the spring selling strategy. Although all the discussions in the world aren't going to get rid of the train that runs by/next to our house.

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