February 17, 2010

Showing # 1,000,000 -1,000,003

Just a quick update from our weekend showings.

We ended up with three weekend showing total- one on Saturday and two on Sunday. Right now I'm pretty convinced that only the Saturday appointment showed up/came inside. I know this because their agent left us a very nice note on the kitchen table, which basically told us that his clients loved what we've done to the interior of the house but due to the location of the railroad our house isn't the one for them.

You know what, I really appreciated that note. It was nice to hear that they liked the house itself, because I'm have this problem where I'm constantly doubting some of the decisions that we've made for the house. Mostly when it comes to a few rooms color and design choices. I get that the railroad is a problem for a lot of people, and really don't have a problem being "rejected" over it.

Our Sunday showings? I'm almost positive they didn't show up. Not a realtor card to be seen, the locks were still locked just so and all the upstairs doors were just as we left them. It is pretty easy to see when you're house has been fiddled with. Dimmer switches have been turned all the way in one direction and doors being left open are the big signs for us. Plus there was no hint of snow/salt being tracked inside on our freshly cleaned wood floors.

Fingers crossed we get some appointments for this weekend!

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  1. How about that classic James Bondian hair across the door frame to see if it has been opened.

    Happy Birthday to your Pete