February 10, 2010

Way to measure...

Can you believe that over the 17 hours of work we put in on the bathroom a few weekends ago that there was NOT ONE set back? I can hardly believe it myself! As mounds of snow got dumped down on the coastline we found ourselves working hard like little workers bees without one giant and unsolvable set back or problem. Especially when compared to all the issues and roadblocks that we ran into the last time we worked on the bathroom.

Ok, I'm lying. There was one kinda sorta problem and hitch in the bathroom progress. Our sink vanity, the one we shopped all over for and planned around gave us quite the epic struggle to fit into its proper spot.

First we realized the door had to get taken off in order for the sink vanity to fit through to get into the bathroom. I swear that the vanity took a deep breath and sucked its sides in because it cleared the door frame with only a millimeter to spare. All of our measurements of the bathroom and we hadn't thought to see if the sink would fit through the door! Put a check in the lesson learned column.

Next came the problem of maneuvering the vanity into the position. You can see on the sketch above that it was not as simple most bathrooms. We tried every single conceivable way to get the vanity into place- upside down, sideways, one of us walking backward. At one point the vanity was wedged so tightly between the walls that we could have walked away and it would have been fine just chilling there 3 feet in the air. There was only one solution-give up and drink beer. Just kidding! Shaving down the sides with the reciprocating saw was the only option. It took two attempts at trimming the sides to get enough gone that we could wedge the vanity into place. Only a little bit of the drywall was sacrificed in the process.

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