February 1, 2010

Vintage Reproduction Love- Filament Light Bulbs

Even though my mind often wanders to how the Wee house will be when it gets put back together, I don't talk about those thoughts much on here. Mostly they stay in my head on repeat as I get through the tear down and gut portion of renovating.

Something about having a blank open space of a gutted house as a canvas both simultaneously excites and scares me. Something about too much potential...


I have a new found love. Filament light bulbs.

They are just gorgeous. Managing to be fresh but also have a very vintage sensibility about them, something that really fits with my ever changing and refining style.

A quick Internet search for Filament Light Bulbs and I found Rejuvination.com and all the fun house stuffs they offer, including these amazing light bulbs. How the friggen hay did I not know about this site before?! Or did I? I vaguely remember a visiting before. Regardless. It's you and me from now on vintage light bulb. You're coming over and are going to live with me someday. Hope you like beer.

And people say nothing good ever comes out of New Jersey.


  1. Maybe it was me?? Our toothbrush holder is from rejuvenation! The catalog also inspired some of our decor - next time you come over, I can point out all of the 'look for less' things!!

  2. It's definitely one of those stores that I keep back dated catalogs. So many ideas for older homes!

  3. I'm with you on the filament bulbs, I get little hearts in my eyes whenever I see them!