April 26, 2010

Barf (seriously)

Good news, I got a new camera!

I'm wicked amounts of excited about the new snapshot camera, a slim and sleek little Canon SD780IS that is perfect for toting about in my purse. As much as I love our other camera, the Canon G9 because of the plethora of options and creative control it offers over shots, it is one beefy sonofagun. I don't mind carrying the G9 around when I know we're going to use it, but for everyday it really starts to weight my purse and shoulder down. I'm looking forward to lightening the load in my giant purse with the new camera.

Bad news, I haven't taken any pictures with said new camera it yet. Boo.

Not that there was a big exciting weekend at Wtown house, unless you count getting woken up pre dawn Saturday morning by our dog tossing her cookies all over the bed. You wouldn't guess that 10lb dog could even throw up much, but they apparently have quite the capability to yack up a large amount. Off came the covers and sheets and they to went directly into the washer. The down quilt followed. Thank goodness we did get a duvet cover, our pets have done quite a number to (and on) it but the duvet always washes up fine. Same goes for our wonderful down comforter. I love that it can take a tour of the washer and dryer and come out fluffy and clean every time. Washablilty, a must in our house!


  1. Ok, WHAT was with the pets last week? Our little 10 pounder also managed to keep me up alllll night Thursday/Friday throwing up every hour from midnight till 6 am! I can definitely sympathize!

  2. Ya I totally know how that feels. There's nothing worse than waking up to the sound of a 50 pound dog throwing up on your bed...in the dark. UH... We've had this "unwelcoming" experience a few times within the last 2 weeks...thank goodness for washing machines and carpet cleaners!

  3. @kim, all night long?! I would have run out of blankets. Poor little pup and poor you! Hope they are feeling better now.

    @Kristina, 50lb dog barf! Yuck! When we had a bigger (and older) pup the steam carpet cleaner was a must!

  4. That new camera of yours is currently mine. I love it!