April 5, 2010

Bump It!

The Wee house was a pretty common house type for its time and general location. In Eboro, the town it is located in, and the surrounding areas that were also built up in the late 1800's you can usually find quite a few houses that are the same design.

I can't figure out what exactly one would classify our house type as though. So far I've identified characteristics of the house as Folk Victorian and Gothic Victorian. Pete and I like to call the design 1880's Standard Development House with optional 8 foot bump out. Any insite in to what the house would formally be called Architecturally wise would be great!

We've seen lots of other houses in the area that seem to be built around the same time and are designed with the similar plans as our house. Except we rarely ever see another house with the "optional 8 foot bump out" that the Wee house has off the front. A nice little original detail about our house that we really appreciate. So what happens when I spot a house that also sports the optional bump out? I make my sister turn around and drive by really slow so a few pictures can be snapped.

This purple monster is clearly bigger than our house, but you can see they share the same design! I'm a little jealous they still have the original wrap around back deck, instead of the plastic encased capsule that we have. The unsymmetrical front porch is killing me though! The whole idea of the original footprints of these houses were to have a very symmetrical layouts! Is it wrong that I also would love to get my hands on this and shine it up? The potential of this house is outstanding! I know, one crappy house at a time Eva...


  1. Ahah! those are beautiful :) Really victorian indeed

  2. I have several of those bump out houses in my neighborhood.Some look great others notso great.

  3. I'm gonna guess that your bump out would become a full-fledged outdoor porch if it was only 9 feet - (get it - 8 months of pregnancy )

    Really, though it just looks like a porch that was built in. How does the inside look?

  4. The optional bump out is that part that is sticking out of the front of the house and goes from the roof on down. It is about 8 ft accross and 3 feet out. Instead of being flat all the way accross the front. I'll see if I can hunt down some pics to better explain this...

    Our enclosed porch is nothing special. In fact, it is down right creepy inside! But man, I wish my house would give birth. A little barn or something would be fabulous!