April 6, 2010

First offer, some sort of Update

Things that I am sure of:
The sky is blue
I love Coffee
That the first offer on the Wtown house is not going to pan out

How do I know this? It's been almost two weeks since they put the offer in and we countered back. Since that point we've heard from them twice, both times it was regarding the amount of our monthly utility bills. No counter counter offer or accepting of our counter. Which is fine, I'd rather they not draw the process out and really raise our hopes if they can't afford or don't want to buy the house. It would have been nice to get a final word on what they want to do, but no big deal.

Just thought I'd update everyone to the situation that was our first offer.


  1. that is frustrating! it is better that happens now rather then at the last minute! keep us posted as to what happens! GL!

  2. Thank KC! It was frustrating, but I'm glad that it happened at the beginning of the process- instead of all falling apart at the end. Would have been way worse, at least we could still keep our house on the market and try to get another buyer. :)