April 16, 2010

Bathroom Teaser Pics!

Beach condo: Bathroom is ONE step away from being finished. The only thing left is sealing the grout, and then it will be done! At that point I'll take pictures and post a big reveal! Almost immediately after getting the bathroom to 90%, we cleared out the bedroom in order to rip up the carpet and replace the flooring with tile. Which means that instead of enjoying our hard work and the new bathroom that we started piling bedroom junk in the room to get it out of our way. When the space you are working on is about 600 square feet and in the midst of full blown renovations you just have find and fill all available space for storage.

Speaking of the small space of the condo, major props to people who do live through massive renovations in a smaller home. I tried so hard to organize everything, but eventually the tools and construction equipment got the better of the condo and took over. The tornado of a mess really took over when we had to clear out the bedroom, which is the largest space of the condo. By the end of our weekends working at the beach condo I am so ready to get back to my non under construction house and leave the chaos behind a closed door. All the memories of the years we lived in the house while it was under renovation come flooding back while we're in the chaos filled condo. Those were tough times with both of us young 20-somethings, in college, dating and living through a major renovation... and I can't believe we are about to do it again to some degree with the Wee house.

Check out our table stack in the living room, a table with a table on top of it with a third table balanced on the very top!

A few little teaser pictures from the bathroom..

Our adorable little shower curtain holder thingies! I love little touches of whimsy in rooms.

Oh, and bad news on the picture front. I *may* have lost our camera. It is not so much lost as misplaced. And by misplace I mean I left it at the beach condo and we're not getting down there again for another three weeks. What a bummer.

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