April 28, 2010

Burning overnight oil.

Events earlier in the month...

Its a Thursday. After a week of the most glorious early spring weather you could imagine, the clouds and weather stations all warn of a late night thunderstorm and a rainy morning to follow. The looming thunderstorm means we have to make an emergency stop at the hardware store to pick up three rolls of industrial plastic, because tonight was the night we planned on driving down the beach condo with the new couch, the bedroom dresser and all the tile that the bedroom needs.

Unfortunately there is no way we're going to beat the storm, because months ago we made after work vet appointment for both of the animals well being check up. It is past 8 pm before we get home and managed to stuff some food into our faces. At this point we're looking at dismantling the couch, bringing the empty dresser downstairs and then loading the trailer up with all the weekend supplies. Since our house is also on the market, we have to leave it showing clean as it is often the case where we get last minute weekend showing requests. Both of us estimate that we're facing about 3.5 hours of work.

By some miracle we finish the work in less than 3 hours. I guess it was the thunder that was urging us on? Or the sudden downpour that was dumping sheets of rain down? Whatever it is, both of us were jazzed to realize that we'd be leaving for the beach condo right before midnight, instead of way after 12 like we originally thought.

We make a candy and red bull stop at Wawa, in order for me to even attempt to stay away and talking for the next 2+ hours I need a sugar buzz. The drive is rainy and pretty gross, but it means the roads are empty. Which is what we wanted because of driving with the loaded trailer. Braking, especially sudden braking, when the trailer is on and loaded down is quite a chore and really tasks the engine, brakes and (already diminished) gas mileage.

The puppy is snuggled up in my lap the whole way, and we just talk as the darkness slips by outside. I could complain about how tired I was, cause I was! But instead I think back on that night and the countless other trips that we've done like that one and smile. Our time together in these late night drives is fun and a little adventurous. Plus it always gives us a chance to just talk and relax. Finding more time in the day to get stuff done is how we manage doing all the work that we do on the houses. Right now it is just simply what we have to do in order to balance everything.

and it makes me smile.

I'm pretty sure most people have stories like this one, late night " we must be nuts" escapades.

Anyone else a lover of road trips with their significant other? Even if the destination means more work than you left behind? Or are you only happy with being in the car if it means you are headed to vacation?

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  1. Before we were engaged, my husband and I planned to take a four day road trip down to Virginia for the long Memorial Day weekend. At the last minute, he was asked to work - so we took a two day trip instead. 8 hours down from Boston, and 8 hours back - plus pit stops - but we had a blast. It was actually one of those times that I really felt like I knew we were meant to be together - because who else could spend 16 out of 48 hours in a car with your SO and not kill them?