May 6, 2010

Craigslist- full of win

It has been mentioned on the blog before about how Pete and I lean toward being pack rats. We're not like hoarders style pack rats where dead animals are found under piles of junk that threaten to fall on our heads and kill us. Just more along the lines of, we seem to find stuff and always think there is a use for the stuff in the future. Although we've been MUCH better about "stuff" entering our lives lately. I think now that both of us are out of that poor college student mentality and realize that we now can afford to buy stuff we need. Instead of how it was when we first bought the house when we needed so much (ie, a couch) and had no money in which to buy said items. True story, we had one lazy boy recliner and half a sectional couch for the first year and a half of home ownership. Both items were hand me downs that we were thankful to have!

Which is how we ended up with the delight.ful hot tub that has sat in our backyard for years. Pete got it for free from his sister, and had every intention of hooking up in order for us to make our own hot tub time machine. But it never happened, cause we had oh a whole house to make livable first! Plus in order to run the hot tub we needed to upgrade our electrical system. That also never happened.

Now that the house has been on the market forever, we realize that eventually it will sell (hopefully sooner rather than later) we're in full on clean out mode. If we don't need it, haven't used it or is just a general eyesore then the item needs to go.

Enter Craigslist.

Monday night Pete said down at the computer and listed some of the big extra items on Craigslist that we've had hanging around. In the interest of just getting the stuff out of here he listed everything at a very low price. After all, we don't need it and I don't want to have to move stuff outta here that we don't need.


One gigantic Sony tv. top of the 1998. Gifted to Pete in 2004 by a very generous aunt who was simplifying her life and didn't want that monster tv anymore. It worked great until we decided to join the 21st century last fall and buy an slim LCD.

One heavy as a ton of a rocks 36" tv. Was Pete's college tv, went to live at the beach house for a few years. No longer needed since we found a killer deal on an LCD for there as well.

One 1980 Fiat Spider, cute little convertible that we used for for parts for our other Fiat Spider.

and Finally- that damn hot tub.

Last night 3 out of the 4 items he listed were bought, 2 have left the property and tonight I should be saying good-bye to that dreaded hot tub as it goes to its new home.

So far so good. Fingers crossed we get the rest of the stuff gone soon!

Edited to Add- The Hot Tub is pulling away as I type this!!! YAY!!


  1. Awesome! I've been meaning to get a couple things posted to sell on craigslist but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I hope I have the same luck you do!

  2. we had a garage sale right before we moved the last time and were able to sell so much stuff - it added up to be enough to pay for our moving truck!

    so which one is left? did i tell you that my dad used to have a couple of spiders? kind of random to find another fiat person.

  3. @ Kate - it is definately a pain to coordinate all the people who respond to the add and get pick ups done. But so far it has been worth it! Fingers crossed your stuff sells fast when you put it up!

    @Katie- I've always been hesistant to have a yard sale. I don't why, but they intimidate me, maybe we'll have one to get rid of the smaller stuff though. Yes! you've mentioned your dad's spiders before! It is random to have someone even know what a fiat spider is, much less own one. The one we have left is the '78? ( I think) It is in much better, as in drivable, condition than the one we sold.